Midnight Moon

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Early Birds

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Moonrise Ocean

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Blue Hotel – Official Music Video directed by Miriam Bennett (Moving Studio Productions)

Read about Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden and their visual album, The Shape The Color The Feel, on Esquire’s Culture  Blog and American Songwriter

Kate says, “After giving ten different filmmakers free reign to create music videos for each of our songs, it felt good to dial it in and just do what we do.” I couldn’t agree more. With a helping hand from Jason Smythe, a camera and a few lights at Silver Point Studios I wanted this video to bring the focus back to what I love about the music and the performance. The band is on tour now and, quite possibly, coming to a city near you.

Check out the other videos on the The Shape The Color The Feel album as they are released.


Willem Dafoe photographed by Brad Trent

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Willem Dafoe photographed by Brad Trent. I was lucky to hear Willem Dafoe speak with the audience at a recent screening of Shadow of the Vampire in Cleveland’s Cinemateque. Here Brad takes us behind the scenes on his recent photo shoot for The Wall Street Journal.

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As a young photographer, I had this very dreamy, romanticized idea of what it must be like to shoot celebrities. One of my early photography idols was Bert Stern, and I just figured every shoot with a celebrity might end up like his famous session with Marilyn Monroe where they locked themselves in a suite at the Bel-Air Hotel for three days with a case of ’53 Dom Perignon, a couple of cameras and a few props, and emerged totally spent but with a collection of amazing photographs. But I moved to New York a couple of decades later…just about the time when shoots like that were becoming increasingly controlled by managers, publicists, agents and the studio P/R machine. Ideas had to be pre-approved and even then it didn’t mean you would get to do them. And three days? More like five minutes…

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Esquire's Culture Blog premieres Blue Hotel music  video produced by Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden. Directed by Miriam Bennett

Esquire’s Culture Blog premieres Blue Hotel music video produced by Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden. Directed by Miriam Bennett



The Nightlight Cinema

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Nightlight Cinema in the news Akron’s new indie art house theatre is now under construction! #nightlightcinema #akron

Show them some love on their Kickstarter so they can put the finishing touches on the new movie theatre which is set to open this summer.

The Nightlight will be operated by the nonprofit Akron Film+Pixel, which has produced over 130 events since 2008 by partnering with the Akron Art Museum, Akron-Summit County Public Library, and Summit Artspace. Akron Film+Pixel has produced over 130 film events in the past six years, without ever cancelling one. And now they are committed to opening The Nightlight. Just 9 bucks will get you a ticket to use for any post opening night movie and will show the dedicated mostly volunteer Akron Film and Pixel team that you appreciate what they are doing. SO lets show them how much we love what they’ve already been doing and how much we look forward to this. 


Watch the video to learn more about the NIGHTLIGHT

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