Collaborations with Kate Tucker

July 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Since we are getting ready to release our 7th collaborative music video project I thought I’d post the earlier videos and a little bit about them here on the blog.

The first video Say Love was not only our first collaboration but it was the first music video that I ever directed and the first one that Kate released. The song was off her EP, Eros Turannos. The video went on to win the grand prize for music video on That was also the first time we collaborated with Darryl Dickenson who was the DP for that video, the next, and now appears in front of the camera in The soon-to-be-released Bullet Train.

We shot this video in my 100-year-old house that I had moved into not long ago. Through the making of this video I learned more about my adopted state of Ohio and the wildlife and landscape that I have come to feel increasingly connected to.

The next video we made together was for the song Everything Went Down of the debut album Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden. We shot this partly in Ohio and partly in Seattle where we filmed the performance video live at the Act theatre with her band The Sons of Sweden.

We shot the rest in Akron using a donated warehouse to build a set and invading local alley ways and gardens along the way.

The next video was departure from the narrative premise of the first two as we wanted to make something more spare and documentary in nature. This video, In the End, was shot in partly by me Seattle on 16mm film using my old Bolex and partly in LA by Tim Gillis. We got the film and processing from Alpha Cine and did the telecine with a very cool outfit called Cinelicious located in Hollywood, CA. Cinelicious telecine room

In June 2010 Kate released the album White Horses independently using funding from a successful Kickstarter campaign. She sent me the songs and I started to visualize a little half movie half music video for the track Bullet Train. I sent the concept to Kate and Darryl and we were off. We shot the video in our spare time in-between other projects over the course of about a year, shooting on and off working around Kate and Darryl’s travel and production schedules. That video will be released at her Akron show this Saturday! The crew was sometimes just Kate, Darryl and myself. At other times my friends Dan Gillespie (purple films), Fawn Stevens, Steph Mukenyi Wahome, and Bill Daubner joined in.

In the mean time we did two other videos, I’m On Fire, a beautiful cover of Bruce Springsteen’s song (mixed by Michael Shepard of Lovedrug) and Where Are You (I am Already Gone) recently featured on Showtime’s United States of Tara soundtrack. Both of these were shot more as mini-docs than as narrative music videos. The latter gave me the chance to collaborate with NY-based photographer Jesse Sarah English.

I’ve learned a lot and had many adventures working with Kate on these projects. And I’m excited to be there for the release Bullet Train at Musica this Saturday!


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