Catching up with Kate Tucker at Sundance 2015

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Sundance Film Festival 2015:

Via Radio X96:

Screenshot 2015-02-19 18.48.00

“Kate Tucker: Here’s an interview and two performances with Kate Tucker from the band “Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden”. Seattle-born, Nashville-based Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden play lush, layered indie rock with sparkling melodies and shimmering soundscapes. On their new album, The Shape the Color The Feel, echoes of Cocteau Twins, Cardigans and early U2 can be heard in songs that explore the darker moods and brighter vistas of Metric, Spoon, Interpol and Phantogram. The high intensity single “Blue Hotel” is fast becoming a radio favorite, charting both CMJ and Triple A stations.”

In the interview Kate mentions our upcoming film, Dream Out Loud directed by Miriam Bennett (currently in production).

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Blue Hotel – Official Music Video directed by Miriam Bennett (Moving Studio Productions)

Read about Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden and their visual album, The Shape The Color The Feel, on Esquire’s Culture  Blog and American Songwriter

Kate says, “After giving ten different filmmakers free reign to create music videos for each of our songs, it felt good to dial it in and just do what we do.” I couldn’t agree more. With a helping hand from Jason Smythe, a camera and a few lights at Silver Point Studios I wanted this video to bring the focus back to what I love about the music and the performance. The band is on tour now and, quite possibly, coming to a city near you.

Check out the other videos on the The Shape The Color The Feel album as they are released.



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Esquire's Culture Blog premieres Blue Hotel music  video produced by Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden. Directed by Miriam Bennett

Esquire’s Culture Blog premieres Blue Hotel music video produced by Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden. Directed by Miriam Bennett



John Davis on The Core is Getting Soft.10: Madrona Labs

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Reblogging this post from John Davis. Thoughts on the soft version of the Buchla synthesizer, called the Aalto and another virtual instrument from Madrona labs called Kaivo. Checkout the controller for the Kaivo.

Check out John Davis’s recent LP Spare Parts

johnhdavis / inundation records

Aalto rectangle There are some soft synths or plug-ins I’ve bought where I could have conceivably sprung for the hardware version instead.  But there’s no way I could have ever afforded a Buchla synthesizer – until Madrona labs came out with their Aalto software synthesizer, which is inspired by the designs of Don Buchla, who invented the modern synthesizer around the same time that Robert Moog did, but never aimed for the (relatively) mass market crossover that the Minimoog achieved.  Several years ago, I read complaints on Gearlutz and other gear forums that no one had attempted to emulate a Buchla, and speculation that maybe it couldn’t be done.  One look at the following Youtube video of the real deal shows why the prospect looked daunting:

For some reason, I’m more drawn to use the sequencer on this virtual instrument than others.  It can be hard to shoehorn it’s massive scope and…

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Best Friends’ Love

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photo by Emily B. Hall

Well look what arrived on Christmas morning! A behinds-the-scenes Christmas present from Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden . Here is a look behind the scenes at the making-of the music video Best Friends’ Love. The song is on their forthcoming album THE SHAPE THE COLOR THE FEEL. Edited by my pal Adam Smalley

Nashville Arts post on The SHAPE the COLOR the FEEL

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Party Ideas

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Running out of party ideas? Heres one to try out for your next weekend gathering. Locate an abandoned house that is at least 1 mile from the main road. Borrow a small generator (thanks Silver Point Studios!) with enough juice to power several sets of fairy lights. Locate the “champagne room” (this should be clearly marked with spray paint courtesy of a former visitor). Turn the champagne room over to your bartender and set up the thump trunks in the adjoining parlour. Add Kate Tucker, Matthew Thompson, Wes Chandler and Ethan Place and a bunch of other people who are wondering what they are up to. Make sure to build in extra time beforehand for an impromptu tour with Jessie English for interested members of the local police force.

Behind the Scenes with Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden from Miriam Bennett on Vimeo.

Pre-order the new album and support their kickstarter project at the same time.

1 Record / 9 Films / 8 Filmmakers / 7 Cities

Check out the Behind the Scenes on the making of “Hangover” Directed by Jessie English. Join the party at

The Huffington Post covers the Shape the Color the Feel

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The Huffington Post covers the Shape the Color the Feel

This Huffington Post article by Radley Balko highlights a new project that I am working with this summer and fall. Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden are making a new album and handing each song over to a different filmmaker or artist to see where they take it.

The endeavor is being supported by an ongoing kickstarter campaign to create “1 Record / 9 Films / 8 Filmmakers / 7 Cities. A community supported collaboration of music, film, photography, and visual art.”

Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden

Kate Tucker – Ghost of Something New

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Kate Tucker  - Ghost of Something New

I took this photo of Kate through a mirror in back of my house. It’s featured on the CD cover for her latest release Ghost of Something New.
Available in Record Stores and through iTunes, the album features a lovely design by Irene Barber. Take a listen here

Bullet Train is an official selection of the Indie Gathering; Winner Rock Music Video Award

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Bullet Train is an official selection of the Indie Gathering; Winner Rock Music Video Award

Bullet Train, starring Kate Tucker and Darryl Dickenson will play the Indie Gathering on Saturday August 18th noon, Screening Room A.

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