John Davis on The Core is Getting Soft.10: Madrona Labs

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Reblogging this post from John Davis. Thoughts on the soft version of the Buchla synthesizer, called the Aalto and another virtual instrument from Madrona labs called Kaivo. Checkout the controller for the Kaivo.

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Aalto rectangle There are some soft synths or plug-ins I’ve bought where I could have conceivably sprung for the hardware version instead.  But there’s no way I could have ever afforded a Buchla synthesizer – until Madrona labs came out with their Aalto software synthesizer, which is inspired by the designs of Don Buchla, who invented the modern synthesizer around the same time that Robert Moog did, but never aimed for the (relatively) mass market crossover that the Minimoog achieved.  Several years ago, I read complaints on Gearlutz and other gear forums that no one had attempted to emulate a Buchla, and speculation that maybe it couldn’t be done.  One look at the following Youtube video of the real deal shows why the prospect looked daunting:

For some reason, I’m more drawn to use the sequencer on this virtual instrument than others.  It can be hard to shoehorn it’s massive scope and…

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